World's FIRST Modified LaFerrari! FXXK Exhaust Sound... BADASS!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

YouTube Adam Bornstein managed to find the very first modified Ferrari LaFerrari in the world and grab some exclusive footage of that car while the guys at Newport Tuning were working their magic on the ridiculously rare hybrid supercar.

As we have seen, the LaFerrari is a rare car even among rare cars, and with an otherworldly 950 horsepower on tap – from a naturally aspirated engine at that – the car is built from the ground up to go fast. And of course, thanks to the impeccable Ferrari styling team, the car looks ridiculously good even sitting still, which we don’t really think we would be able to do if this was our ride.

After going over the modifications, admittedly keeping things subtle for obvious reasons so as not to tip off the SMOG nazis that the car may be deserving of a closer inspection, Adam finally fires up the all-motor V12 and lets us hear the exhaust. Despite all the hype and build up, we have to say it was worth the wait, as the car sounds absolutely amazing from idle to :insert the max RPM achieved here: when Adam throws some revs for the cameras.

The car is also being tuned, another first as far as what I could find, although the tune is still being refined. Obviously with the car being a hybrid, there’s a little more to the tune that bumping the fuel maps and spark at wide open throttle. However, it seems the guys at Newport have enough knowledge to crank the car north of the 1,000 horsepower mark, a truly astonishing feat for a car with “exhaust and a tune”, no matter which car you’re talking about.

When Adam is taken for a ride in the car, we get to hear the custom exhaust and we definitely have to agree, it sounds amazing. To me it sounded very much like a street-bound Formula 1 car as the driver sped away from a redlight in traffic, which had to be a treat for the other drivers as well!

We can’t wait to see more of this car as well as what else comes out of Newport Tuning. With the lineup of cars in the shop now, it’s clear this new tuner will be making waves soon!