Yankee lake truck night tug of war - Trucks Gone Wild

Posted by: Morgan Buniel on 11/18/2021

Trucks Gone Wild brings out some of the biggest and baddest trucks in the world and this time, we check out the event that has finally returned to Yankee Lake Truck Night 2016 in Brookfield, Ohio.

In this one, we check out a gang of Mega Mud Trucks battling it out in an intense, balls to the wall tug-of-war competition that will leave you wanting more.

Busted Knuckle tells us that “They even got monster truck pulls going on the Tug o War pad. The crowd loved the action and so did we.” We can’t really blame them for getting all hyped up over something like this!

Check out the entire event in the Busted Knuckle Films filck below to see which one of these monsters is able to go home with the crown in this throwdown!