YouTuber Bought a Wrecked Car to Restore, Major Corporation is Suing Him For It

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

We’ve seen some pretty crazy and unbelievable things unfold within the internet that really make you scratch your head and question everything that you see. If you follow closely with YouTube news, you know that creators are always having some sort of way of getting in some sort of trouble and this time, that vibe makes its way to the car community as a YouTuber who is known for buying cars from salvage auctions and fixing them up and potentially selling them has actually managed to stumble himself into a pretty good heap of trouble and the situation is so twisted that you almost don’t want to believe what you’re hearing.

The creator in question goes by the name of Samcrac and the car that he purchased is none other than one of the Domino’s DXP machines, one of their promotional pieces that were also used to deliver pizzas, using the back half of the vehicle to serve as a sort of temporary oven to keep the pizza warm while the driver delivered it. It was probably a completely unnecessary invention but one that’s definitely cool, to say the least.

It seems like Sam was really on the same page with us in thinking that something like this would be cool, so cool, in fact, that he wanted to add one to his own collection and so he would go out to an auto auction and purchase a wrecked version of the car when it popped up. Piece by piece, he would eventually decide to start repairing the car but this was where someone would step in and say that Sam didn’t have the right to do this, allegedly stating that with the business that he was conducting, he was in stepping over someone’s copyright, essentially making money off of another brand’s likeness.

This is where one pizza company created their very own public relations nightmare!

Long story short of how this has been playing out is essential, it would appear as if Domino’s has decided that they are willing to sue Sam in order to get the car back. Obviously, we’re only able to get one side of the story here as the company has yet to speak out about the matter, however, this one is really shaping up to be quite an obscure battle in court if whatever makes it that far and if all of the details that we’ve gotten are factual and correct, which we haven’t discovered any evidence to the contrary, either.