Youtuber Rob Ferretti Explains Why Project Cars Suck!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Sometimes, when you do things in the world of wheels it really could leave outsiders to question why. If you think about the topic critically, a lot of it just doesn’t make sense. On the surface, it really looks like you’re throwing a bunch of money at of the wrong things in a pretty immature way.

While popular car enthusiast, Rob Ferretti, isn’t in any way, shape, or form, an outsider, this time he takes the opportunity to logically break down exactly what a project car is and why he thinks that they, well, suck, for lack of a better word. His argument is pretty compelling to say least.

From the fact that the car that you’re wrenching on will probably never be done to the ideas that you’re spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to either go marginally faster or give your car a more attractive look, it logically doesn’t make sense. However, I think that we all know that feeling all too well, that little voice in the back of our head that’s always there, screaming at us to dump more money into that problem out the garage. Heck, even as the words are trickling from Rob’s lips, you can’t help but be involved in what we’re sure are several projects at the same time.

Check out the very well laid out argument down in the video below that propositions against the idea of having that black hole that you throw money into that’s otherwise disguised by the term “project car.” What do you think of this line of thinking? In the long run, it might not financially makes sense but it just feels oh so right!