You've Never Seen a Cruiser Driven Like THIS Before!

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

You’ve Never Seen a Cruiser Driven Like THIS Before!

It isn’t all that often that you see a motorcycle drifting, but when you do, a sport bike is generally the one ripping around turns and shredding the back tire.

If that’s what you’re accustomed to, then your perspective on life might be about to change entirely. These guys aren’t mounting sport bikes, but rather super heavy, 200hp cruisers and they aren’t afraid to throw them around like stunt bikes!

Check out the video below as these supercharged motorcycles make light work of a day of drifting. These guys are so good that they make their 800lb bikes look almost weightless!

Tandem drifting on bikes is something that you won’t want to miss!