Blown Methanol Injected Monster Lays Waste to a Dyno Room!

Behind closed doors at Nelson Racing Engines, these guys really put together some ...

Behind closed doors at Nelson Racing Engines, these guys really put together some machines that are worthy of admiration, cranking out not just big horsepower, but horsepower that is insane enough to peel your wig back if you aren’t ready for it.

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This time, we check out an engine built by the shop that is heading to the dyno and finds itself cranking out well over 1000 hp. Even though the shop has been known to put together a lot of builds that exceed these numbers, this one is certainly nothing to scoff at. When the engine finds its way under a hood, it would crack just about any car that it pulls up next to right in the jaw.

When theĀ engine finally does make its way to the dyno room, all hell breaks loose as the zoomy headers create a complete cluster as the screaming engine blows everything around and creates an absolute mess. It might not have been fun to clean up but we’ll assure you that the display is fun to watch.

Check out the video down below for yourself that showcases this engine build hitting the dyno and making some big-time numbers. This thing is going to be a prime candidate for whatever machine that it might find itself in at the end of the day


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