Blue Fire Roller Coaster With SPINNING Car! Europa Park

Blue Fire Roller Coaster With SPINNING Car! Europa Park* win this 1100hp widebody ...

Blue Fire Roller Coaster With SPINNING Car! Europa Park

* win this 1100hp widebody redeye hellcat / $50k in cash! *
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When it comes to the subject of roller coasters, we would venture to say that most folks are pretty polar on the situation. You either love or hate them.

For the Blue Fire Roller Coaster, that could mean that one group of folks will see the video below as a state nirvana while others might see even approaching this thing as a real life nightmare.

Not only does this coaster do all kinds of up and down with twists and loops, but also has a car built in that spins around, adding another sense of confused direction to the ride!

Check out the intricately designed Blue Fire Coaster below and let us know if this is something that you would dare to ever step foot on

The Astro Van roller coaster below is one of the sketchiest things that we’ve ever seen.


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