“Boats vs Haulover” Series Takes us Through Brutal Inlet Wave Battles

Around the world, nautical inlets provide a challenge for boaters. This area in ...

Around the world, nautical inlets provide a challenge for boaters. This area in between a body of water and the ocean can tend to get a little bit rough sometimes.

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It’s important to note that not all inlets are created equally. In fact, some have a reputation for being a lot rougher than others. When it comes to Haulover Inlet in Florida, let’s just say that it can get rather rowdy out there.

It’s so rowdy, in fact, that a collection of cameras has been drawn to the action. There are entire YouTube channels based on the struggle between local boaters and the tendency of mother nature to give them problems. This time, the¬†Boats vs Haulover¬†channel is the one putting us right in the thick of things.

In the videos found on this channel, our host gives us a rundown of what exactly is happening. His nuanced perspective makes the battle even more intriguing. After offering us his thoughts as to how exactly each boater handles the inlet, he awards a victory to either the inlet or the boater.

Naturally, not every boater is able to handle the conditions equally. Some look like they’ve done this a couple of times while others look completely lost out there. Should a boat or jet ski end up flipping over, it could create quite a dangerous situation. With the water rushing by the rocks thanks to an incredibly strong current, anything could happen.

By following along with the video below, we check out a collection of boaters of varying ability. Let’s just say that it takes a little bit of confidence and some ability to be able to make it through the inlet in one piece. Even those who are talented can end up being thrown around a good bit as the waves can be rather unpredictable.

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