BoostedGT gets a flying door thrown at him at Redemption 6.0!

When you’re barreling down the drag strip as fast as the likes of BoostedGT, ...

When you’re barreling down the drag strip as fast as the likes of BoostedGT, you have a lot going on during such a race that you need to focus on in order to keep a car moving as fast as possible and in between the walls. That’s without other obstacles coming your way.

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This time, we check in at Redemption 6.0 as Boosted heads down the track and said obstacles do come about as he ends up going toe to toe with a flying door that has some serious hazardous potential behind it.

We tune into the action as the intense yellow Ford Mustang absolutely blisters its way down the track, when all of a sudden, the opposition throws the door into the mix and things end up getting mighty tangled. This could have ended up going incredibly wrong but instead, it just called for a close call scenario that probably caused quite the scare.

Check out the video below to see how it all went down and how exactly Boosted responded to the debris that would almost stop him in his tracks. That had to be a heart dropping moment to watch that door fly by at such a high speed.

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