The Boston Red Sox are Traveling in Excessive Style to England!

Generally, even if we have a strong opinion about something, we will try to sit on ...

Generally, even if we have a strong opinion about something, we will try to sit on the fence. Normally, it’s best to let somebody make their own decision, after all. It’s certainly not our job to sway someone in one direction or the other.

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However, we can certainly say that the United States of America unequivocally has the best sports leagues in the world. They are so great that they have put together massive followings from other countries. The likes of the NFL, NBA, and even MLB really cross borders and bring us closer together as a world of people. We can all find a way to get along in the camaraderie and friendly rivalry provided by sports.

Normally, these American franchises will play within the confines of the states. Some other leagues even incorporate a team or two from Canada to cross over the border every once in a while. However, it wasn’t until recently that certain games ended up happening overseas. The effort has been in an attempt to help incorporate fans from lands abroad.

This year, we’ve seen the NFL play games in London and Mexico City. There have been rumors of this presence getting even stronger. The MLB has also started to travel outside of the states to play some of their games. In fact, this weekend, the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees will be doing some traveling. They’re heading to London to carry out part of the biggest series of the year.

As one could imagine, the Sox aren’t exactly traveling in economy, either. Instead, they have quite the setup that allows them to have every luxury that one could want or need on the way to their next game. Just watching this one makes us want to jump on the plane and party with them!

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