He Bought a $45 Amazon Radio For a Ferrari but Why?

Sometimes, automakers do dumb things. For anyone who has ever turned a wrench on a ...

Sometimes, automakers do dumb things. For anyone who has ever turned a wrench on a car, this is probably painfully apparent. Even some of the most revered automakers like Ferrari have had some brain neutral moments. These designers might have a good idea but in practice, it can end up backfiring big time. According to Rob Ferretti, a perfect example of this is how Ferrari decided that code for the radio would be a good plan. The idea was to prevent thieves from using the radio which could be a nice feature. The end product would be frustrated owners who can’t get into their own stereo, though, says Rob.

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Therefore, when Rob had an issue with his radio code, he turned to Amazon. There are a couple of different solutions in a case like this. Sure, putting the factory radio in a vehicle like this particular Ferrari might keep its value a little bit higher. However, said factory unit is presumably a lot of money. All of this extra expenditure doesn’t necessarily come with better results, either. The money would be spent all the name of having an OEM part to say that Rob had an OEM part. Therefore, he decided to not just turn to the aftermarket but to turn to the cheapest thing he could find.

By following along with the video below, we get to learn all about how Rob put a $45 radio into a high-end Ferrari. We have to admit that, when approaching this one, we were a little bit skeptical. However, when we heard his reasoning and saw the results, we couldn’t really argue. It does seem like this $45 unit would edit up being quite the decent investment. At the end of the day, if he hates it, it is just $45 after all! He couldn’t go wrong!

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