Bruder Brothers Swap Blower For ProCharger, 2019

The Bruder Brothers have proven time and again that they know how to go fast with any ...

The Bruder Brothers have proven time and again that they know how to go fast with any given combination. As long as they’ve been competing, at least in X275, the New Jersey-based brothers have managed to go fast enough with any given combination that the rules are changed to basically slow them down and allow the rest of the class to keep up.

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Last year, the pair showed up with a massive roots blower sticking out of the hood of their iconic blue Fox Body hatch and absolutely obliterated the former world record with a 4.29-second blast at Outlaw Street Car Reunion 5 at Bowling Green, Kentucky’s Beech Bend Raceway Park. As expected, the pass sent a shockwave through the X275 pits and actually got the roots blower banned from the class, at least for a brief time.

As this is actually common for them to deal with, the Brothers Bruder had a plan to fall back on, and it just happens to look a lot like a ProCharger. Gone is the wicked blowah (say it in your best New England accent) from last year, replaced instead for 2019 by a front-mounted ProCharger centrifugal supercharger unit bolted to the front of a small block Ford, per class rules.

While talk of this change has been fairly low key, you can be the Bruders have been testing this combo and already have a good handle on the tune. As you can see, with a little more track time before their first big race of the season, this weekend’s Lights Out X at South Georgia Motorsports Park, they’ll be knocking down deep 4.30 second runs in no time and will likely make another attempt at the class record at some point this season.

If the past is any indicator, this will only mean all ProCharged cars in the class will be getting lead trophies for later in the year, as soon as these fellas get the track and weather conditions needed to turn the world over yet again.


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