Brutal Off-Road Ranger Is The Ultimate Desert Setup

No matter what form of racing or motorsports you happen to be taking part in, most of ...

No matter what form of racing or motorsports you happen to be taking part in, most of the time, it involves some sort of abuse to your vehicle. As you accelerate, all of those moving parts have to come together in just the right way as to make sure that your vehicle is performing with enough stamina so that every time that you lay into the throttle, you get something good! However, even though everything from drag racing to something like sprint car circuit racing can put some strain on a vehicle, I think that high-speed off-road blasting in a manner like this might be the most strenuous activity that one could possibly put a vehicle through.

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When you’re doing this sort of off-roading in a trophy truck style of beat down, you have to make sure that your suspension is ready to go to bat for you. After all, you don’t want to be plowing through the desert and hit a bump hard, only to have everything under the truck give it out and have your vehicle rolling on the ground, sending you up against the roof of your cab, now do you? Making sure that high-quality components are in place are one way to ensure that your day of fun doesn’t turn into a night in the emergency room.

If you follow along closely with the video below, you will be able to feast your eyes on a Ford Ranger that has been built to go to war in the desert. In its original form, the Ranger might’ve been a useful pickup truck but I don’t think that the folks at Ford had ever envisioned the vehicle becoming anything like this when they were first designing it. It’s pretty neat to see how somebody took such a machine that was designed with an economical stance in mind and completely transformed into a truck that is put together for desert supremacy.

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