Brutal Top Fuel Jet Boat Crash Blows the Boat to Pieces

For many of us, we all share the same and need for speed that creates this craving to ...

For many of us, we all share the same and need for speed that creates this craving to go as fast as we possibly can. Sometimes, however, we’re left to meet some sort of fate that has to do with a potential negative consequence of going fast.

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Unfortunately, not every high-speed blast is exactly contained and under control at all times. Therefore, every once in a while, a driver might just get tied up in a situation where he or she just so happens to be out of control and whatever vehicle they’re behind the wheel love goes flying!

In this one, we catch up with just that situation as things got a little bit scary when a top fuel jet boat that goes by the name of “Locked N’ Loaded” ends up going for quite the crazy ride. As the driver behind the wheel begins to accelerate, eventually, the boat begins the bounce back and forth violently, going from side to side before eventually giving out to too much stress on the wrong part of the boat that would eventually cause it to tear itself to pieces, limb from limb, as the vessel would blast to insane speeds and end up obliterating.

After watching this one, you might just be thinking to yourself that there’s no possible way that the driver could be alright after such a showing, at least sustaining something that would hospitalize him. However, luckily, it ended up that┬áKevin Burgess would escape the situation with nothing more than a little bit of soreness. It isn’t very often that somebody is able to walk away from a wreck of that magnitude without even having to go to the hospital and while the situation might be incredibly serious and a huge downer as the boat is destroyed, the driver is incredibly lucky to still have his health intact and be able to walk away.

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