Buick Grand National Bails on 6-Cylinder for Turbo Small Block Making MASSIVE Power

If you want to talk about controversy, take the original engine out of a Buick Grand ...

If you want to talk about controversy, take the original engine out of a Buick Grand National. As a pioneer of its time, the turbocharged 6-cylinder commonly used to hunt down V8s has become a the centerpiece of folklore. Clearly way ahead of its time, the Grand National has since held a cult following that has fans living and dying by the V6.

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At this point in the timeline, the concept of swapping a V8 into a Grand National isn’t necessarily a brand new idea. However, purists meet it with the same level of ire every time.

This isn’t just any V8 swapped Buick, though.

Instead, as this turbo small block powered machine hits FuelTech’s dyno, it’s clear that it’s making some serious power.

FuelTech fills us in, telling us that “Over thirty years later John Nguyen is upholding [the] tradition, except his Grand National is way beyond anything the Buick team had ever imagined.”

They tell us that the car features the likes of an SFI-certified cage “Due to its ability to terrorize drag strips throughout Texas in the popular X275 category and other small-tire shootouts.”

In place of the original turbo-6, we find a small-block Chevy based on a Brodix aluminum engine block. Throw in a single 88mm turbocharger and FT600 engine management system and this thing is ready to rip. It looks like it’ll practically suck all of the air out of the dyno room!

FuelTech tells us that the ECU “Integrates key controllers and functions that are vital in the high-stakes game of small-tire drag racing.” In other words, convenience is king as key components can be changed on the fly with ease.

When it all comes together, we find a package that truly looks like no stone was left unturned. This car has been built in the pursuit of perfection and has to give opponents a headache when they line up next to the sinister Buick! – FuelTech USA

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