Building a Supercar From Scratch is the Ultimate Inspirational Story

If you were thinking of a task that involves something like creating a supercar from ...

If you were thinking of a task that involves something like creating a supercar from scratch, you’re probably imagining a team of highly trained and experienced engineers along with designers who have created a couple of things in their lifetime and know what that business is all about and are able to duplicate it with new inspiration as they create cars that dreams are made of. You’d think that those who create supercars are an elite group, a small percentage of people who really have what it takes to get out there and inspire others through their creations that pop to life on the streets.

While that might be the case most of the time, the man behind the company known as Vaydor didn’t exactly have any of those traits. In fact, he admits that he wasn’t good at design or even drawing when he decided to jump into his first supercar mock-up with 2 feet first. As someone who would describe himself as not having very much money throughout his life, the concept of a supercar was probably pretty far away, however, with enough determination and plenty of time to sink into his very own machine, it wouldn’t be long before an incredible looking creation was born. Honestly, we wouldn’t be shocked if something looking like this rolled out with a Lamborghini or Ferrari emblem stamped on it.

Now, he hasn’t exactly gotten to a built-from-scratch driveline yet and uses other cars as a place to start from, however, by re-bodying them, he has come up with something that’s all his own. If you ask us, and the crew behind the movie Suicide Squad, who decided to make this machine a star of the show, the car looks pretty incredible rolling down the street, even more so when you consider that the guy behind it built it with almost no experience to draw from. Seeing something like this is enough to inspire you to go out there and do whatever it is that you want to do, even if the mountain seems like a tough one to climb.

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