Building A Scale Version Of The Fortnite Plane

When it comes to video games over the past couple of years, it doesn’t get much ...

When it comes to video games over the past couple of years, it doesn’t get much bigger than Fortnite. The game released in 2017 really brought an unprecedented concept to the table.

You see, in the world of video games, greed is very real. The gaming community has been up in arms against developers for quite some time as developers have stumbled upon these things called microtransactions. Essentially, after paying good money for the game, the people behind it will take it upon themselves to charge players for different features within the game.

It’s not difficult to see how this model could get frustrating. After dropping $60 on a new video game, being charged for more content in the game could end up being a big deal. This is especially true when this content is required for the user to stay competitive in online play.

However, the folks behind Fortnite saw things differently. They chose to keep the in-game purchases. However, instead of charging people for the game, it’s given away for free. Unlike other free games that generally lack quality because of the steep investment necessary without a promise of return, Fortnite has managed to draw in a massive base and keep them happy with the game’s mechanics. With the sale of in-game skins, they’ve seen massive returns that have helped to improve the quality of the game to new extents.

With these concepts in place, the game has developed quite a massive following. Therefore, it’s only natural that fans are going to create based on some of their favorite in-game features. This time, we check out a video that shows Fortnite brought to life!

In the video below, the remote control plane featured looks exactly like the one available in the game. Creating a custom airplane like this definitely took a bit of time, talent, and attention to detail. However, at the end of it all, the finished product looks to be more than worth it! – FliteTest 

Building The Fortnite Plane! Can It Fly?

Building The Fortnite Plane! Can It Fly?

Posted by Flite Test on Tuesday, June 9, 2020

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