Burnout So Big It RUINS This Badass GTO

Burnout So Big It RUINS This Badass GTO* * *Get entered for this 2020 c8 Corvette / ...

Burnout So Big It RUINS This Badass GTO

* * *Get entered for this 2020 c8 Corvette / $50k in cash * * *
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How dedicated are you to shredding rubber? What if there was $1000 on the line to do the best burnout possible? Would you be going all out with a car that you’ve mended to make your own?

For this Pontiac GTO owner, anything less than first prize was unacceptable as he blew off every last shred of rubber on his tires and even took his brakes and probably part of the fender with them!

Check out the video below and tell us what you think of this monstrous burnout. Hopefully he won because when the car rolls away, there’s coolant everywhere indicating some sort of carnage!

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