Bystanders Gasp As Self-Parking Mercedes Comes Inches From Hitting An Aventador

As days roll on, every once in a while, we get introduced to some technology that ...

As days roll on, every once in a while, we get introduced to some technology that really seems to be amazing. For those who aren’t all wrapped up in the technical workings of these sorts of features each and every day, it can almost seem like magic is happening right in front of your eyes. Now, obviously, we know that things like automated parallel parking systems that are integrated in many vehicles that you will see today aren’t exactly a wizard casting a spell on a car. We do know that these systems were created by human beings and that nothing is perfect which can make the users incredibly anxious as they attempt to park with these helpers.

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This time, we get to follow along with an incredibly nervous parker who isn’t even doing the driving herself but, when you have a pair of gorgeous examples of the Lamborghini Aventador SV that you’re parking between, there is very good reason to have butterflies in your stomach, especially when the system on board acts in the same way that this Mercedes did. It’s almost like the engineers here wanted to tease the person on board into thinking that something might happen before snatching away the fear at the last second when everything is reassuringly alright.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see the scene from a variety of different angles as there are a lot of gasps and a little bit of screaming as the system does what it is designed to. As a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG was backing up, we have to admit that even though we had confidence in the system, we got just a little bit nervous as the car approached and got really close to the front of the Lamborghini in the rear. After watching this one, a giant sigh of relief would be a pretty big understatement here after it’s all said and done with a couple of close calls in the mix.

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