Camaro Hits The Wall So Hard It Throws The Wheel Across The Track

Ozark Raceway Park’s No Prep Meltdown was one of the better stand-alone no prep ...

Ozark Raceway Park’s No Prep Meltdown was one of the better stand-alone no prep events of the season. With a great turnout of quick hotrods, the show brought out a great crowd to take in the action, and the cars did not disappoint. We’ve already shared a couple of videos from the event featuring the always-crowd-pleasing 1955 Chevrolet owned and driven by Chuck Parker, but this clip takes a little different turn when it comes to getting the attention of the fans in the stands.

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These two nasty sounding First Gen Camaros – one blown and one nitrous injected – lay down a pair of awesome, smoky burnouts to get some fresh rubber on the track for the launch. They back up carefully to make sure they’re right in the groove they just laid down, then ease toward the starting line to get ready to do battle on the 1/8th mile.

The flagger eases both cars up to the line, then drops back a couple of steps and clicks on the light, sending the cars screaming past him as they race toward the finish line. One of them, however, isn’t going to make it all the way, at least not under power. The blown Camaro in the right lane eases toward the centerline as they cars are welded together downtrack, when it seemingly either loses fluid that gets under the tires, or perhaps runs into something that was left on the track by a previous car. Whatever the cause, the car makes a sudden move back to the left and plows nose-first into the concrete barrier, sending debris and sparks flying. A brief second later, you can see the rear wheel and tire bouncing haphazardly across the track toward the opposite wall. It looks as though the rolling stock bounces over the wall, ending up go knows where.

We haven’t heard of any racers being injured at this event, so we’re going to assume the driver was okay, though if anybody out there has an update on his condition, as well as what caused the crash, we’d love to hear from you.

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