Camaro Owner Does Not Understand Traction Control… Fails At Showing Off!

Traction control CAN be a great thing. If you’re launching a car and want to just ...

Traction control CAN be a great thing. If you’re launching a car and want to just hammer the throttle and let the car work out the details, traction control lets you do that and keeps the car from spinning and wasting horsepower on spinning tires, modulating the throttle just enough to keep the tires planted and the car accelerating. However, when it comes time to throw caution to the wind and lay down a long smoky burnout, traction control STILL keeps the tires from spinning if you don’t turn it off, making you look like a doofus, especially if there’s a big crowd awaiting said long smoky burnout.

This Camaro owner either doesn’t know about launch control, or doesn’t know how to disable it, but that doesn’t stop him from trying his damnedest to do a burnout for this crowd of onlookers… key word being trying. Over and over, the driver revs the engine and dumps the clutch, only to have the traction control system kick in and bring the fun to a screeching halt almost immediately. The crowd is forgiving, for the first couple of tries, then they start to laugh and make fun, but after a couple of tries and pretty epic fails, making fun is to be expected. You can even hear one of the onlookers yelling to the driver to turn the TCS off, but by this point, it seems the clutch is burned up, leaving him barely able to drive the car away. Whoever made the video spliced in some comic relief in the form of Minions, one from the Blue Oval Camp laughing at the Minion from the Bowtie Brigade each time the driver fails to deliver a burnout.

Finally, to really drive home the point, there’s a clip of a Mustang laying down one of the more impressive burnouts I’ve ever seen, leaving black marks and a thick cloud of tire smoke for well over an eighth mile. Of course, every Chevy fan is thinking, “Where’s the crowd of people for him to plow into?” but for this clip, we have to hand the win to the Ford guys.


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