Can You Fix a Flat Tire Using Manhole Covers?

Throughout time, many people have asked truly obscure questions that really are left ...

Throughout time, many people have asked truly obscure questions that really are left to become nothing more than a thought in someone’s head most of the time. However, one of those questions that you thought would never actually materialize has managed to come to life with the help of the guys known is the MythBusters.

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By blasting through some of the more popular myths and obscure questions, Adam and Jamie have managed to make a living off of their curiosity and this time, they check out a myth that will provide a particularly interesting outcome whether or not it actually works.

Someone, somewhere was sitting alone and thinking when they started to wonder if a manhole cover could be used as a proper replacement for a spare tire and this is definitely something that the MythBusters just couldn’t resist trying out for themselves and we’re able to watch how they go about doing it every step of the way.

Check out the video below as we’re toted along for the journey when the guys get involved with another wacky myth that isn’t going to solve itself! Do you think that something like this could actually work in a real world scenario? After you watch the experiment for yourself, we think that you’ll get a little bit of a better understanding of it if it’s possible or not.

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