Can You FREEZE Antifreeze??

While the Vehicle Virgins channel has taken a bit of an alternative arc from its ...

While the Vehicle Virgins channel has taken a bit of an alternative arc from its original purpose of helping uneducated buyers learn what to look for when shopping for their first car, the channel has at least remained true to its automotive roots, keeping the content related to cars and the people in and around the car scene. Parker, the channel’s host, has decided to do a little car science and test to see if antifreeze can be frozen, leading him on a mission to gather supplies and put the cooling fluid to the test.

As with all of his videos, Parker opens with a short intro, giving us a play by play of how the day is going to go. Of course, his days don’t always follow the plan to the letter, which is part of the fun of the channel. We set out with Parker in search of the items needed to carry out the experiment; a bottle of antifreeze, some dry ice, an energy drink and some M&M’s. It takes just one stop to gather three of the four supplies, but dry ice proves a little tricky to track down. Eventually, Parker procures some of the super-chilled gas and heads home to get his science on.

Mixing the coolant in to dry ice in a couple of ice cream bowls adds a bit of whimsy to the experiment, but as Parker points out, do not ever, under any circumstance, ingest coolant. It’s highly toxic and can easily kill a grown man if swallowed. We’re not going to spoil the outcome of the video, you have to hit that play button and watch for yourself. Just know, if you happen to have a bottle of antifreeze close by, you can read for yourself what the freezing point is, so we already know it can be frozen, the real question here being if dry ice is the an effective way to freeze it. After the experiment, we get a look at Parker’s new wall art, then sign off until next time, when we’ll rejoin Parker for who knows what kind of antics.

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