Sound Insulation, Heat Barrier Is In – Kristian’s Build Against Cancer Is Getting There!

For those who have been paying attention, we here at Speed Society have been trying ...

For those who have been paying attention, we here at Speed Society have been trying our hardest to bring one our brothers’ wishes to life. When our good friend Kristian Nyberg found himself in a treacherous battle with brain cancer, we felt that it was the least we could do. He’s had an awesome first generation Chevrolet Camaro Z28 sitting in his garage for quite some time. It’s about time that this machine gets reassembled. It’s been sitting in pieces for so long that it probably forgets what it’s like to be a complete car.

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Therefore, with the help of some amazing sponsors, the build has begun! With any project, there are lots of baby steps to be taken before the finished picture is painted. Well, at least it’s that way when building a complete car with attention to detail. After all, it’s the details that really make a car like this come to life. One of the most important details in a car like this is keeping the heat out. While we love the 1969 Camaro, it’s not exactly a modern car. When things were a lot simpler, aspects like heat insulation or sound insulation weren’t as good.

In order to whip things into shape on both of those fronts, our friends at Heatshield Products decided to step up and get to work! To keep this thing sounding right inside, they’re installing a couple of their products and showing us how! In order to make the machine sound more solid, we get to see their headliner kit along with db armor floor pan and trans tunnel covering. The db skin should make this thing one heck of an experience to be behind the wheel of! We’ve only shown off a couple of preliminary steps but we promise that this machine is coming along swimmingly.

Heatshield Products – They are committed to providing the highest quality heat barrier and insulation products on the market today. Family owned and operated since its inception in 1985, they have created a line of diverse and cutting edge products to solve all of your heat protection and insulation needs. Heatshield Products also offers custom manufacturing and private labeling to OEM and aftermarket manufacturers. Whether you’re on the track, on the water, or in the shop,  heat protection products will keep you cool from start to finish.

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