Can’t Get Much Luckier Than This, Perfect Timing Saved Mechanics’ Lives

It’s pretty funny how life works. There are a lot of simple factors that go ...

It’s pretty funny how life works. There are a lot of simple factors that go into one event and whether you realize it or not, some small factors, seemingly meaningless motions, even coming down do something as simple as taking steps in a certain direction and when, could spell out a different future for you and those around you.

This is a phenomenon that’s commonly referred to as the “Butterfly Effect” that says that if you do any small task, even the most minuscule movement, in a different way, it could set off a chain reaction that could alter what happens in the future of the entire world. It’s pretty crazy to think about because it’s definitely something that could be very real even though there’s no way to actually test it.

In this situation, we join in on something that seems to be pretty ordinary as a pair of guys are walking around in a mechanic shop. Nothing all that strange is happening as it seems to be quite a normal situation, however, as a security camera is rolling, the situation continues to unfold when a car blasts through one of the walls. That’s definitely not something that you see every day and, if the men who were on the move had stood still for just another couple of seconds, they would’ve been directly in the path of an automobile that blasted through the wall behind them, whose driver had no vision of the other side of the wall.

After living through a situation like this, I’m not sure if they feel incredibly lucky or have a feeling of pure terror as they could’ve merely been in a different position here and their lives could have ended in that very instant. If I were one of these guys, in the next coming days and even for the rest of my life, I would probably be walking around acting as if I was the most grateful person on earth because there aren’t too many people who can say that they escaped death by this narrow of a margin.


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