Canyon Run Gone Horribly Wrong… Dodge Viper Goes Off a Cliff!

When facing an area that’s known as “Deadman’s Road,” there ...

When facing an area that’s known as “Deadman’s Road,” there aren’t going to be too many people who would be willing to go head to head on this road, trying to have a little bit of a sort of old-school canyon battle of sorts, something like you’d see in a movie or video game. However, it would make some incredibly entertaining content, especially when you consider that legend has it that not too many people have been able to make it down the road in one piece. This time, however, we check out a couple of drivers in a Dodge Viper and a Ferrari 355 who are going at it down the road, wandering all over the place and pushing their way close to the edge.

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It’s quite intense as this duo battles through the curves, sliding all over the place as they make their best attempt to grab that pole position, but in the process, end up pushing it a little bit too far. As our narrator recommends, whenever you’re on a mountain like this doing a little bit of spirited driving or in any place that could prove to have damage lurking right around the corner, you want to leave a little bit of margin for error and apparently, the driver behind the wheel of the Dodge didn’t do anything of the sort.

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll watch these two amazing cars go at one another, that is, until the driver of the Viper takes it to the next level and ends up throwing himself off of the cliff! Luckily, it doesn’t look like anybody was injured in the accident, however, the driver behind the wheel here was lucky to come out of this one in one piece as he fell 200 feet or so and still managed to land on all fours!

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