Car Almost Causes Three Wrecks by Not Paying Attention

All of us have that one friend that just so happens to be a bad driver. Perhaps they ...

All of us have that one friend that just so happens to be a bad driver. Perhaps they tailgate other drivers or maybe forget ti stop at stop signs but it’s pretty hard to compare to the lack of driving skills that are showcased in this video that lasts just a couple of seconds.

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It doesn’t take long, but before we know it, this driver is darting across multiple lanes of traffic going that’s going both ways as the driver attempts to exit a side street only to be thrust into rush hour and nearly cause┬áthree accidents all at once.

Perhaps it was impatience then got to this driver but no matter what put them in the mindset that they needed to enter roadway at that precise moment of time, they should probably reevaluate their worthiness of holding a driver’s license for the safety of themselves and the other drivers on the road.

Check out the dash cam clip down in the video below that will most definitely erase that latest driving blunder from your mind and make you feel like you’re Richard Petty himself behind the wheel. Compared to this driver, just about everybody is a professional.

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