Car Dent Repair With Hot Water and Toilet Plunger!

Car Dent Repair With Hot Water and Toilet Plunger!Click the image below/shop now ...

Car Dent Repair With Hot Water and Toilet Plunger!

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DDR Mustang, Raptor or $50k, what are you taking?

We’re just going to just go ahead and stop all of the professional body guys in their tracks. Yes, when you get slapped with a dent this big, the metal that your car is made of has probably been stretched out and ruined.

While you probably won’t ever get your car back to back to stock perfection without some major professional work, hitting it with a plunger might just make it look a lot better.

This time, we watch a household hack that uses hot water and your favorite golden throne un-clogger to make your dented up car look closer to new again.

Check out the video below as this DIY’er goes to town, using the plunger on his car in attempts to remedy what was probably some poor driving or a bad parking decision.

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