Car Detailing “How to” – Restore Plastic with Peanut Butter!

Car Detailing “How to” – Restore Plastic with Peanut Butter!1 of ...

Car Detailing “How to” – Restore Plastic with Peanut Butter!

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There are lots of detailing tricks that we’ve heard of that can make our rides become perfect again and today, we’re given a tip that’s kind of odd to say the least.

One material that we haven’t quite pinned down how to make new again is that black plastic molding generally found in older cars and trucks that tends to turn gray and fade over the years.

Instead of any old conventional product used to clean up your black plastic trim, this guy claims that he can clean it up using nothing other than peanut butter.

Check it out as he tests it out right in front of us in the video below on what appears to be an old Ford Mustang. It looks to do the trick quite well in this situation. Is this something that you’ll be trying out soon?


Tires about dead? Check out how to regroove them below!

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.33.39 PM

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