Car Getting Dragged Down The Highway By Unaware Big Rig Driver

The bigger a vehicle gets, the more the driver has to pay attention to lots of small ...

The bigger a vehicle gets, the more the driver has to pay attention to lots of small things. For those who think that someone gets behind the wheel of something like a semi truck and just guns it, they’re absolutely wrong. Instead, there’s a lot of stress that goes along with toting a heavy load. This comes not in just the expected sense of worrying about the cargo. Drivers have to worry about all the other motorists on the road, too. As it turns out, the biggest vehicles are usually the most disrespected on the highways. As they generally move slower, people definitely take advantage of this in inconsiderate ways. Folks generally don’t realize all of the space that these types of vehicles need to operate.

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While, in many cases, it’s usually the smaller vehicle that ends up causing mayhem, this time, we aren’t so sure. What we do see, though, is that the driver of a big truck ended up missing something major. It was such a big mishap that things could’ve gotten deadly.

While the truck was navigating down the highway, it turns out that it made contact with a sedan at some point. From what we can tell, the car ended up wedged under the back tire in between the body and would be dragged along for 4 miles or more. The driver of the truck seems to have not noticed the incident. It isn’t until he gets slowed down and stopped by another motorist that he would assess the damage.

By following along with the video below, we catch up with the dramatic instance that had just about everybody on the scene freaking out. If these good Samaritans weren’t there to stop this truck driver, who knows how long that car would’ve been drug along for? Luckily, and most importantly, though, it looks like nobody was injured in the incident. Even though that’s the case, we’re not sure how much more terrifying this one could’ve been.


Going home coming up the freeway on the 15 and this is what I saw wow intense the poor guy got drug at least 4 miles.

Posted by Truckers Skills & Fails on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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