Drag Car Explodes As Soon As The Driver Hits The loud Pedal!

When it comes to drag racing, you really never know what’s going to happen out ...

When it comes to drag racing, you really never know what’s going to happen out there on the track. This is why there are so many safety precautions in place that attempt to minimize the risk involved should you ever get yourself tied up in a precarious situation.

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From explosions to a loss of traction that could put you into the wall and just about everything in between, you really never know what to expect out there because just about anything could end up going down to put you in a bad spot. This time, we check out a situation that has definitely put a racer in just that spot that he probably would rather not be in and definitely catches just about everyone off-guard.

In this one, we could do nothing but sit and watch as this car rockets off of the line, seemingly getting down a good launch but before it could even make it out past the 60-foot mark, the entire thing goes up in a ball of fire, exploding as it rockets off of the line and practically teleports it’s way into another dimension. It’s not readily apparent what exactly caused the explosion but it certainly did unravel in a matter of just seconds. Thankfully, it does look like the driver was able to make his way out of the car.

Follow along in the video below that will show you exactly how fast things can happen on a dragstrip and, in turn, why exactly you need to be on your toes in such a situation. Be sure to tell us what you think it was that would cause such an explosion to happen so quickly after making your way right off of the starting line with a good launch.

Do you think this was something to do with the transmission? Perhaps it was a nitrous explosion? No matter what caused this one, it definitely makes you want to be on your toes out there on the track.


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