Car Review Gone Horribly Wrong, Reviewer Gets Clobbered At Red Light

As there are lots of people in the landscape of those who choose to do car reviews, ...

As there are lots of people in the landscape of those who choose to do car reviews, the videos are really diverse in nature. A lot of different talents are out there are trying out different things in an attempt to entertain you. Even though there is a little bit of overlap, everybody brings their own different twist into the mix, trying to make something just a little different than the last review. This time, however, we check out a review that’s vastly different than any you have seen before and not really in the best way you can imagine. It might have started out as a car review, but ended up in a massive headache that nobody really wants to have to deal with.

The topic of discussion here was supposed to be the likes of the Subaru WRX, however, instead of talking about the car, this one spiraled out of control quickly as the reviewer would be forced to focus on the accident that he got in when a Porsche roll up on him quickly and ended up plowing its way directly into the back of the car to be reviewed. In a day and age where everything seems to be staged on YouTube, you can bet your bottom dollar that this one is as real as it possibly gets as they watch the reviewer trying to diligently do his job, only to be completely interrupted by the speeding SUV that really caught everyone off guard.

You can catch the review down below as this guy does manage to walk away but really gets tied up in a bad spot. When a crash unfolds like this, it’s really kind of unpredictable when it’s going to happen but in this scenario, it just so happened that the cameras were rolling. After being involved in the situation, I don’t like this reviewer will ever look at a car review the same ever again.

There was literally nothing that he could’ve done to prevent this one and we’re just imagining how the conversation went between the reviewer and the owner of the car when he had to explain exactly what happened.

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