Car Salesman Gets Head Stuck in Car Door During Safety Demonstration

You would think that, when it comes to demonstrating a feature on a new vehicle, that ...

You would think that, when it comes to demonstrating a feature on a new vehicle, that the more extreme the demonstration, the better the outcome. If you do something that really grabs peoples’ attention, you could take something that might seem relatively boring like a sensor that’s designed for safety so that fingers don’t get caught in an automatic door, and turn it into something that people really remember. Maybe doing something like sticking your head in the door while it automatically closes and stops before meeting your face would be a good way to put on such a demonstration.

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Now, we’re going to go ahead and assume that the man putting on this demonstration of an unidentified minivan has seen these safety features work hundreds of times. As the one who’s presenting the vehicle, we will be left to assume that he’s very familiar with how the systems work as well. However, as it turned out, during this particular demonstration, he didn’t exactly and end up having the most luck with the system as the technology would turn on him and ended up cramming his head in the door, leaving the man to flail around as he would try to get out.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll watch this incredible failure of the demonstration as it really had to throw an embarrassing twist on this situation that had someone trying to sell a minivan, a job that we wouldn’t really wish on anybody. Luckily, though, there were no major injuries reported and the van didn’t do it diligence to crush this guy. Sure, he might have a bruised ego and will probably be the butt of a couple of jokes with his coworkers but this one could’ve been a lot worse, for sure. He’s lucky that it didn’t break his neck!

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