Car vs World’s Strongest Trampoline Shows 150 ft Minivan Drop

Speaking strictly from a lack of experience, I would probably argue to say that ...

Speaking strictly from a lack of experience, I would probably argue to say that engineers see the world in a completely different way. I mean, after looking at how everything is made, it’s probably pretty hard to approach situations like a normal person. It’s basically an engineer’s job to construct things in the most efficient way possible. After investing so much time in that frame of mind, it’s probably pretty hard to leave work at work.

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This time, we tune in with YouTubers, Mark Rober and How Ridiculous. They put their heads together and put those engineering backgrounds to good use. In an experiment that we didn’t know we wanted until we saw it in front of us, they’re creating what might be the world’s strongest trampoline. In this experiment, the trampoline won’t be used for the weight of people. Oh no, it will instead be used to drop some much more serious loads on it.

We spectated the scene from 150-ft high. It starts off small with the likes of watermelons but quickly escalates to an entire minivan. That’s right, a real-life vehicle is going to be dropped on the trampoline to see just how much force it can withstand. When the two collide, we didn’t have very much faith in the construction. As someone with no background in engineering, it’s hard for the mind to comprehend something like this. However, this experiment proves that where there’s a will, there’s away.

By following along with the video below, we were pleasantly proven wrong. It’s pretty crazy to watch a full-size car dropped from the air and bounce once it hits the structure on the ground in that way.

That’s not where it stops, though. The second video below shows the likes of a full-size boat being bounced off of the trampoline from the collaborative effort.

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