Car wash worker goes for a spin

As human beings, nobody is perfect and our lives aren’t perfect. Sometimes we ...

As human beings, nobody is perfect and our lives aren’t perfect. Sometimes we have ups and sometimes we have downs and it’s important to remember that this is the case for everyone. When you’re in an incredibly down moment, maybe you just need to brush yourself off, take a break for a minute, and get back to action. It appears as if the worker in this car wash had a moment that he would like to soon forget and it was all captured on camera. It doesn’t look like he was injured in the situation which is a bright spot but he’s probably never going to live this one down with his coworkers jokes that are sure to come.

In this video, we watch as the action was captured as a car wash worker might have gotten a little bit too close to one of the rollers. As such, it appears as if the roller sucked him in,  using that hose of what he was holding his hand, which appeared to be a pressure washer, to wrap him up to the roller and make him stay put. He would be stranded for a moment, but eventually, the roller would come to a stop after spitting him around and around for what probably seemed like an eternity at the time as he went on a heck of a ride.

Follow along with the video down below that shows one slight mishap that would end with the video that this guy probably isn’t going to be able to live down anytime soon. Hopefully, he’s making the best of it and embracing his new found fame as he has been seen all over the internet as this blooper is incredibly interesting to watch. We feel for you, buddy, but we promise that there will be better days ahead!

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