Carousel Motorcycle FAIL – Dizzy For Days!

Carousel Motorcycle FAIL – Dizzy For Days!Take home $50k in cash or this 700+hp ...

Carousel Motorcycle FAIL – Dizzy For Days!

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We suppose that there are a variety of ways that one could choose to use a moped. Some are smarter than others, but this is just way off in left field.

We’re not sure how it’s humanly possible, but these people got bored to the point where they decided to slap their moped’s rear tire up against the local park’s carousel and give it a whirl.

After finding a willing participant, they did just that and it was off to the races as they used the moped to make the local park’s ride go round and round until the guy on board fell off!

Check out the painful looking fall from the ride in the video below. This super fail shows us that it really is possible to be so bored that it hurts!

The video below could show the slowest motorcycle fail of all time.


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