Casey Currie Shreds Havasu In An 850 Horsepower Trophy Jeep

Buckle up boys, this is gonna be one hell of a bumpy ride, and Monster Energy off ...

Buckle up boys, this is gonna be one hell of a bumpy ride, and Monster Energy off road racer Casey Currie is bringing you along for the experience!

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Currie, wheeling this insane 850 horsepower trophy Jeep, is on a mission to get to Lake Havasu, and he’ll get there by any means necessary, going around, over and even through anything that gets in his way. If you think I’m kidding, just go ahead and hit that play button below and see for yourself.

Currie suits up and straps into the Jeep in Oatman Ghost Town, slinging dust high into the air behind him as he leaves town headed for the lake. Currie hits some insanely treacherous terrain in the desert, which the Jeep soaks up like a champ, before pulling along side a gorgeous boat cruising along the shoreline. The two ridiculous vehicles cruise along, sharing a moment of “Yeah, we’re badasses” before Casey dips and heads to another river, but not before swinging through a massive junk yard to jump over a group of cars, the last two of which he lands on top of and smashes in the roofs.

From there, Casey heads to the riverside, where a bevy of gorgeous ladies are wake boarding as he passes by. Another strategically placed ramp finds Currie leaping over a Monster-wrapped Jet Ski, and continuing on to a trailer park, where he completely demolishes a couple of old campers.

From there, we continue on to the legendary Route 66 and into Lake Havasu city, where he takes a stroll across a golf course and back down to the water, where his journey ends with the wake boarding chicks from earlier waiting for him to join them.

As always, the team assembled by Monster is top tier and the production value is solid, making this 7 minute ride a heart pumping experience.

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