Casting A Brass Autobots Logo From Spent Shell Casings

If you want something cool to do with your piles and piles of spent brass bullet ...

If you want something cool to do with your piles and piles of spent brass bullet casings, here’s a great idea! Yeah, sure you’ll need a little-specialized equipment, and you probably want to be super careful, but with a little trial and error, you should be able to mold some cool stuff, and this video will show you the process from beginning to end.

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To mold anything, you have to start with the making of the actual mold itself. I’m not sure what the original Autobots logo blank was machined from, perhaps some kind of dense plastic. The blank for the mold is then covered in clay used for mold making, and the blank removed, leaving the empty mold.

Next up, you have to heat up your metal, in this case, a pile of brass shell casings that are heated to their melting point, then poured into the mold. The excess brass is poured up into bars, which can be sold or traded or reused later, and those set aside for other projects. After giving the brass time to solidify, it’s pulled from the mold and left to cool.

After the molding is when things really start to take shape, pun totally intended. While the raw chunk of brass looks pretty cool as it comes from the mold, our artisan takes things a couple of steps farther. First, he recreates the original detail of the mold blank, machining the surface flat and milling out the lines to form the face of the iconic Autobots logo. This requires a steady hand and some precise control over his equipment, and as you can see, he absolutely nails it.

After the machining is done, the logo looks great, but it needs a little something… extra. What better way to make something extra than to polish it, right? The creator sets about applying a near-mirror finish to the chunk of brass, leaving it as shiny as a new penny when he’s done!

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