CEO tests bulletproof glass by sitting in the car as it gets shot

There’s nothing like having a product that you love and care enough about to stand ...

There’s nothing like having a product that you love and care enough about to stand behind it, quite literally, with your life on the line. That’s what Trent, the CEO of Texas Armoring did, and the video of him doing so is the stuff legends are made of.

Texas Armoring builds armored vehicles. Individuals from politicians to dignitaries to wealthy CEO’s to athletes all have justifiable reasons to fear for their lives when they travel. While most of us think abductions and assassinations only happen in the movies, those very things do happen right here in the United States, if not daily, then almost certainly weekly.

An armored vehicle is a great measure of security used to help quell those fears and prevent any such dastardly behavior befalling the occupant. With lives on the line, there’s literally no room for error when it comes to building these vehicles, and one of the key areas of protection comes right in front of the driver’s face.

While all automotive windshields are incredibly durable, most of them are no match for a bullet, especially one fired from an AK47, one of the most powerful rifles in the world. Reasonably easy to obtain, the AK47 and its 7.26 round pack a hell of a punch, meaning any windshield expected to withstand an AK round has to be incredibly tough. Weill Texas Armoring has so much confidence in their windshield that the CEO is willing to take a seat behind the wheel and allow the windshield to be hammered by not one or two, but a full dozen rounds from the rifle fired from just a few yards away.

Something I noticed hat I assume is by design and really stands out os a notable selling point is that the damage from each round is contained to a few inches around the impact, instead of splintering the whole windshield. This gives the driver plenty of visibility, at least for the first few rounds.

This is some pretty solid evidence that these windshields can stand up to most anything, so if anybody out there is considering an armored vehicle, you know what to look for.


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