Cheapest Tesla Ever Rolls off the Assembly Line – Self-Driving Electric for Everybody

Up until now, anything with a Tesla badge on it has been a machine that has boosted a ...

Up until now, anything with a Tesla badge on it has been a machine that has boosted a premium nameplate, reserving its ownership for those with a good amount of money to lay down on a new ride. With the Tesla Model S starting right under $70,000, it most certainly isn’t a car that just anyone could walk into the dealership and afford. However, with a new model that has been in the works for some time now and has really stirred up more than its fair share of media attention, the new Tesla Model 3 has finally had its first example roll off of the assembly line. People have been incredibly excited to see what would come of this car and time to see the results is now!

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With over 400,000 preorders, you can bet your bottom dollar that this thing is bound to be a hit if Tesla brings the car together with the same quality that they have shown with all of the other machines that they have brought to the marketplace. This is a really exciting time to be interested in the world of electric cars because, for just $35,000, an electric machine that can travel for 215 miles on a single charge and has the ability to be fully autonomous with the help of some looser government regulations will be available. This moment could really be one that’s substantial in the electric picture that is the future of driving.

Follow along in the video below that shows off an awful lot of information about the Model 3 that has now come out that just keeps on getting better and better. From the price point and capabilities all the way to tax incentives that sweeten up the deal just a little bit further. I feel that the only question to ask here isn’t if you want one but rather if you would prefer your Model 3 to come in red, silver, metallic gray, or black.


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