Chevy Chase Says He Was Attacked in Road Rage Incident

As it turns out, nobody, not even the most famous in Hollywood are exempt from some ...

As it turns out, nobody, not even the most famous in Hollywood are exempt from some of the curveballs that real life will throw you. One of those rough daily life situations that we’ve all had to deal with in some extent or another is road rage. Usually it ends up not being worth the hassle, but sometimes, the emotion can just take you over and make you want to go out there and go all UFC on somebody or lay some poetic justice on them to make sure that they can right the things that you see as wrong.

This time, the headlines have swung in the direction of Chevy Chase, one of those actors that you’ve seen in, well everything from Caddyshack to National Lampoon’s Vacation. Apparently, after being cut off in traffic, TMZ reports that chase “Told cops he thought the truck hit his car, so he flashed his high beams and followed it until the driver pulled over” in the name of trying to “speak to him about his reckless driving.” In this day and age, though, on both sides of this predicament, you really never know what’s going to happen so it’d probably be better just to cut your losses but Chase continued on until eventually both vehicles were pulled over.

Once within talking distance, Chase told the driver that “If I were a lot younger I’d bust your nose,” as pointed at the driver, at which point one of the vehicle’s occupants hopped out and kicked Chase in the shoulder, knocking him to the ground. A bystander claims that he stopped to help make sure that Chase, an older gentleman at 74-years-old now, didn’t get beaten up, corroborating the more important details of the confrontation. I guess that the driver behind the wheel never saw some of the classic films that Chase had starred in while in his prime!

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