Chevy Rescues Ford Pickup in Deep Water!

Chevy Rescues Ford Pickup in Deep Water!double your entries NOW for this 1100hp ...

Chevy Rescues Ford Pickup in Deep Water!

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It seems to be a recurring trend around water. Countless folks have been careless either at the boat ramp or on the beach and the result generally comes in the form of a pickup truck stranded in the water.

The situation wasn’t much different for the driver of this Ford F-350 when they found themselves driving off of the designated path and into a hidden trench!

Luckily, a tow truck driver rushed to the scene in his own Chevrolet Silverado and was able to pull the Power Stroke to safety. From what we understand the occupants sustained some injuries, but they were non-life threatening.

More of the same comes when this Cummins comes to the rescue during a blizzard!

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.12.35 PM

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