Chevy Silverado Duramax Pulling a Jack knifed Semi Trailer Out of a Ditch

Another stranded big rig, another Chevrolet Silverado to the rescue!* Click the image ...

Another stranded big rig, another Chevrolet Silverado to the rescue!

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This car hauling rig couldn’t quite make a turn on this frozen road and winds up with one side dropped in the ditch and isn’t able to get the traction needed to extract itself. Chevy Silverado 3500 to the rescue! The pickup shows up with its powerful diesel primed to pull and with a couple of quick yanks, the semi is back on the asphalt where it belongs.

Thanks to it’s Duramax engine and excellent 4-wheel drive system, the Silverado is able to get pretty good traction on the hazardous road and pull the loaded hauler from the icy roadside. It doesn’t have to pull it far, but the fact that it can even budge the 40,000 pound rig plus the cars loaded on the trailer is a testament to the excellent build quality of the Silverado’s chassis and powerplant.

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