Chevy Truck Off Road Fail

If there is one thing that I can personally attest to having had to learn the hard ...

If there is one thing that I can personally attest to having had to learn the hard way, it would be that just because something seems like it might be a fun idea doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go out there and try it for yourself. With many of these situations, just one move in the wrong direction could possibly mean a bad scenario that will leave you in a world of hurt. In this one, it looks like the person who ended up going for the wild ride would get lucky that they didn’t get majorly injured but, still probably ended up feeling ill effects of this ride.

In this one, we follow along with a situation that just looks like it was downright going to go bad straight from the start. It’s not really apparent why these folks thought it would be a good idea to sit in the back of their buddy’s pickup truck while he went through a massive puddle but, lo and behold, here we sit as they hung on for dear life when the Chevrolet Silverado would plow its way through the mud. As the truck would hit a turbulent patch, things would get even more rambunctious as all of the occupants of the bed would hold on for dear life when things began to get a little bit rough.

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll be able to see the moment where instead regret unfolded as one of the guys in the bed was immediately ejected, flying out of the pickup truck and hitting the ground before being put into a world of hurt. Sometimes, I guess for people to realize that they’re getting themselves into too many bad ideas, it might take a couple of bumps like this to bring yourself to reality. I bet that this guy’s going to take a minute to think twice before he tries to pull something like this again!

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