Chevy Truck Thieves Busted

While many people might find it easier to go out and steal somebody else’s ...

While many people might find it easier to go out and steal somebody else’s product of hard work than head out and do hard work for themselves, these criminals, in particular, felt firsthand what it was like to get caught up in the action that they most certainly did not want to be a part of.

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After looking for his buddy’s Chevrolet Silverado all day and finally giving up, the truck seemed to drop out of the sky almost like a gift from God himself, as it plopped right in front of him and he did what any good friend would do. He decided to follow the truck and see where exactly the criminals were going with his friends ride.

He continued on following a truck as he called the police and would eventually come to an apartment complex where all of the people inside of the stolen truck would hop out attempt to attack their pursuer before fleeing into the apartment complex when police would get there and hunt them down!

A conveniently placed camera inside of the vehicle would capture all of the action as these would be criminals got caught at their own game. Ladies and gentlemen, crime never pays and these folks are probably going to be facing that rather harsh reality very soon.

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