Chief and Shawn Episode 15 Featuring Monza

Chief and Shawn Episode 15 Featuring Monzawin $50,000 in cash or This 750+hp ...

Chief and Shawn Episode 15 Featuring Monza

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It’s Tuesday and you know what that means! It’s time for another episode of the Chief and Shawn Show that we here at Speed Society are proud to be presenting to you.

This time, we listen in on more of the foolery as the crew brings on Monza to dig up some good stories to go along with the cracked jokes and great time.

This time, we talk about how these guys manage to operate on a day to day basis, how they handle all of the people who like to flap their jaws on the web, and just about everything else that you might want to know!

Check out episode 15 below and tell us what you think of this behind the scenes look at the ins and outs of the one and only Street Outlaws scene.

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