Small Child Goes Wild With a Rock at Audi Dealership, Parents Ordered to Pay Thousands

A youngster would escape the watchful eye of his parents in a Chinese Audi dealership ...

A youngster would escape the watchful eye of his parents in a Chinese Audi dealership and it would amount to a crazy situation. Early in December, the situation would end up amounting to a substantial amount of damage. According to a local periodical, the dealership in Guilin discovered that 10 of their cars had been damaged. They had all been defaced with some sort of scratching. Further investigation would indicate that the young girl managed to get away from her parents with a rock. From there, she decided to create some of her own art.

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The Drive reported that “it does mention that some of the vehicles heavily scratched included an Audi Q3 and new 2020 Q8.”

Now, an Audi dealer probably isn’t the cheapest place for something like this to happen. Altogether, the dealership estimated that the total incurred damage was over $28,643. The dealership argued that cars, when fixed would still be devalued. After all, nobody is going to want to pay full price for a new car that has already been repaired. In turn, the repairs also cost money to get done. With all of this taken into consideration, $3,000 per car doesn’t seem all that bad.

The issue would end up in court where the value would be adjusted down to just over $10,000. If you ask us, it seems like the family might’ve just gotten a break. A $10,000 payment is going to be substantially easier to recover from than nearly $30,000.

Even though the settled upon value was down almost 2/3 from the original ask, that’s still a good amount to pay out of pocket.┬áThe family would try and argue that this is the sort of thing that young kids are capable of. However, the judge wasn’t hearing any of it. Perhaps this case will serve as a lesson and a statement for parents to keep a closer eye on their kids.

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