Chris Brown Has Serious Problems Selling Tupac Lambo

When it comes to selling a car, many times, it’s something that a lot of people ...

When it comes to selling a car, many times, it’s something that a lot of people don’t want to deal with. If it were as simple as naming your price at the fair value, waiting for someone to come pick it up and accepting the cash, it might not be such a bad deal. However, it turns out that it’s a lot more than that as you need to list it, deal with people who sometimes show up and sometimes don’t, and come down on your price to a point where you and the buyer can agree that it’s a good deal to be had on both sides, navigating your way through the low-ballers. As you could imagine or probably have seen firsthand, this sequence of events can sometimes get to be a pain.

However, if you thought it was one that was exclusive to your average person, celebrities also go through the process of buying and selling their vehicles alongside other extravagant possessions. However, sometimes, because you could see why fans would want to track them down and get a free ride in one of their cars, many might do it through some sort of consignment dealership or just end up trading it in. We’re not sure exactly how this one is being sold but what we do know that TMZ tells us that Chris Brown is having a little bit of trouble selling his Tupac inspired Lamborghini.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be introduced to the car that allegedly originally sold to Brown for half a million dollars but now is struggling to find a buyer in at the $90,000 dollar price point. For Lamborghini Gallardo with that low mileage, it actually seems like a pretty good deal for the car.

I’m not sure if most people would think it would be a positive or negative that Chris Brown owned the car before them because of his public history that has a bit of a stain on it but that fact could potentially draw in even more of following so it’s kind of a mystery as to why this thing is still sitting.

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