TBT: Street Outlaws Chuck Racing Hondas

No matter what you’re currently passionate about, whether it be in the drag ...

No matter what you’re currently passionate about, whether it be in the drag racing scene or in any other scene, odds are that you started out somewhere entirely different than where you are today. In most situations, people don’t just up and get to a high level of competition without spinning their wheels a little bit first.

That same theory even holds true for the guys behind Street Outlaws. They didn’t all start with these massively successful drag cars, some of which¬†boasting some of the best equipment in the game. For many of the Outlaws, their beginning in the racing scene was on a completely different level.

This time, we dive into the past of Chuck Seitsinger before the Death Trap was even a thing. He wasn’t behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang but rather, power was heading to the front wheels of a Honda Civic that he found himself wheeling down the track.

Don’t get us wrong, Chuck’s Honda was pretty bad ass but today’s racing is an entirely different ballgame. In this video, the car manages to clock off a couple of low¬†8-second passes at speeds reaching north of 180 mph. Check out this super throwback down below in the Big Rob Entertainment video that will give you a little bit of background on exactly where Chuck has come from.

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