Classic ’79 F-350 Resto-Modded, Start to Finish, in Just 14 Minutes

Back in their day, there were a lot of vehicles from decades ago that were amazing. ...

Back in their day, there were a lot of vehicles from decades ago that were amazing. However, by most standards, there is likely something better these days that can do the job. As technology improves, different components become more efficient. Whether it’s a suspension to provide a more comfortable and stable ride or an engine that can provide more power while simultaneously getting better gas mileage, 2020 has a lot more advanced components than 1979 did across-the-board. The only thing that the old-school tech might have going for it is that it’s probably a lot simpler to work on in many cases.

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This time, we take a little bit of a trip back in time with an old-school Ford pickup truck. The ride in question is none other than a Ford 1979 Ford F-350 Super Cab. The monster of a machine is a truck that certainly has a lot of nostalgic value. With a little bit of elbow grease, this one does a lot more than give us a sweet sense of what it was like to be back in the late 70s.

This time, we tune in with an old school pickup that he’s getting a little bit of a new school flare. There isn’t too much done here to let onlookers know that this truck has some modern pop behind it, that is, until they get up close and personal. Instead, the 275 hours of work was invested to bring this truck back to life have given it a tasteful update while retaining that old school styling that has truck enthusiasts going wild about these old school machines nowadays.

The best part of the whole thing is that this time, we get to check it out in a nice, tight, and concise package. In just 14 minutes, the video below takes the liberty of bringing us up to speed with a restoration by Austin Coulson that took a very long time but definitely looks to be worth it!

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